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At Wollaston School, we believe that teaching is one of the greatest vocations in the world. An opportunity to work with a truly comprehensive intake of inspiring students and talented colleagues in a school which actually lives its values of Kindness, Community and Ambition.
We expect a lot of our amazing staff, but we also offer a lot in return. That is why many of our colleagues measure their service with Wollaston School, not in years, but in decades. We have a distinctive approach to teaching, learning and leadership, in which we aim to build consistency around the very best practice – and that is why colleagues who do leave us, do so to take up promoted posts where they can put the best practice learned at Wollaston into the next stage of their career.

Our investment in the professional autonomy of our staff is how subject teams create inspiring curricular arrangements, why our pastoral staff value both consistency and creativity, and why we all work together with a shared sense of respect mission and purpose.

We also support our colleagues to ensure that teaching is a sustainable career choice – and we do recognise that to be a brilliant teacher takes a significant amount of hard work! To ensure that this is never unmanageable, we ask every member of our staff to “Do more of what works, do less of what doesn’t, and have a mechanism to know the difference!” In short – we want your energy for what is important, delivering great outcomes for each and every one of our students, regardless of their background or circumstance.

So, if you are interested in excellence in education, please register below and find out how to turn your work into something that you love.


Tuesday 6th
Feb 2024

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